About the project

Some of us like to take pictures and share them.  Some of like to take pictures but need a shot in the arm to motivate us, to inspire.  We all need inspiration now and then–a reminder to look at the sky, the barista serving us coffee, the way neon palm trees sway in a car lot, or how the wind ripples the ENORMOUS flag just north of us…but I digress.  This project is about opening your eyes.  Not a new idea, but perhaps by sharing some visions of a common theme, (see February’s Assignment) we can inspire one another. Maybe that’s enough. The idea of a “photo of the day” seemed too much of a committment, so we have shamelessly stolen the idea of a WEEKLY project (and the theme for February) from others. Photographer Al Weber once said, “All the great ideas were stolen or copied anyway…” Thanks, Al.  We will.

2 Responses to About the project

  1. Joy Pruitt says:

    Love this project!

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