Motivation 3 – Bicycle Commuting at 20 Below

I use my bicycle to get to work year round but last Monday tested my motivation. It was minus 28C (minus 18F) in the morning and I was tempted to take the bus. I should have.

On the way to work, a derailleur cable snapped, leaving me with a reduced number of gears. I had to pedal harder and despite the cold, was almost too hot when I arrived at work.

Minus 30 Celsius: Steam Rising from the River Under the Crowchild Bridge

The temperature dropped for return trip home and it was tough pedaling. The bike wheels just didn’t want to turn and it felt like my brakes were dragging!  Steam rising from the river where the water still ran open, I took a minute to rest and make a photo.

Shortly after crossing on the bike path below the bridge, the cold took its toll and the front tire went flat. Though I had a repair kit, I really didn’t want to try to repair a tire at those temperatures. Knowing that I had limited gearing to get up a steep hill further along made the decision easy. I called for a ride!

The bike is repaired (for now) and the temperatures milder this week – yay!


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