Autumn Weekend

Hope I am not hijacking the blog by posting 3 photos but one doesn’t tell the story of this weekend…

Occupy Wall Street Comes North

Saturday, the Occupy Wall Street movement came to my city, appropriately outside of Bankers Hall. This desire to express disatisfaction with how things are working out seems to be the growing story of the autumn of 2011. I had to go see for myself. This photo also partially answers Gary’s question about one of my abstract photos. In this photo these structures remind me of H.G. Wells…

Skiing in October

Sunday, for something completely different, I headed out of town for some skiing. Yes, the nordic centre opened this weekend for the season! It was a glorious day and the juxtoposition of skiers with mountain bikers was interesting. There were national team members training as well as these kids, and mountain bikers in shorts, all out enjoying the brilliant warm sunny fall day.

The Three Sisters

Crossing a bridge on the way home, I glimpsed the light and had to stop and take the photo. On the way back to the car, I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in more than 20 years. If I hadn’t seen that light, I may not have run into him for many more years…I try to remind myself to take the photo when I see the light, because in my experience, that light will never be the same again. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, but never the same. I am glad I listened to that little voice yesterday.


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