Beach Blanket Bananagrams

“Shoveler” accompanied me on a canoe trip and was more than helpful in cleaning up after a few games of Bananagrams on the beach.


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5 Responses to Beach Blanket Bananagrams

  1. photojester says:

    a m

  2. photojester says:

    okay the formatting didnt’ say put, that was a bananagram. 😦
    Stupid WordPress!
    Donna, I love your photo, it pleases me 🙂

    • donnajm says:

      I think you were trying to format “photograph” but I kind of like “phytobraph”, as it seems like a kind of scientific, plant based process in which images appear.

  3. photojester says:

    Oh I love new words. I am using it next time I play! 🙂

  4. LOVE THIS!!!!! Love the Shoveler too! (if you have never had the pleasure to view the movie “Mystery Men”, I certainly hope you have an opportunity to!-The Shoveler ROCKS!)

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