POV – Farmer’s Market

POV #1 – Stop playing with your food

POV #2 – Playing with food is fun!

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5 Responses to POV – Farmer’s Market

  1. But, I wanna play with my food and use my clothes as a napkin.
    I fully believe that humans are hardwired to eat with their hands (using my kids as evidence) and we are skewing evolution by forcing everyone to use forks and chopsticks.

    Good use of the theme.

  2. adbramwell says:

    Where do you people keep finding the little figurines???

    • photojester says:

      Alex, they are train people in HO scale, these particular people were purchased from the Imagination station. Some of my favorites were purchased in Corvallis Oregon at a toy store by a good friend. The best buy is on eBay.

      You will have to have Shelley show you her print with the brontosaurus in the canyon it is so cool.

  3. LOVE THIS!!! It totally makes me smile! Perfect with the theme this month too!

  4. TreesandRocksandLakes says:

    Great image, Ms. Jester! Love the composition and colour palette, and interpretation of this month’s theme. I am going to play with some food now!

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