Mix and Match 4 – Window Display

Father's Day Window Display

A surreal scene in a store window.

Unsure about what these have to do with Father’s Day.

Even less sure about the headless child  – perhaps wandered too close to the propeller?

OMG – is that Amanda, distraught over her missing pig?


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5 Responses to Mix and Match 4 – Window Display

  1. adbramwell says:

    Is she distraught about the missing pig? or the missing head?

    • TreesandRocksandLakes says:

      Good question. I think distressed about the pig.

      Its hard to know whether the lack of a head would cause distress, though it might making thinking difficult.
      The missing head opens up an ontological question – without a head, where is her soul? And is distress a characteristic of the soul, or intellect?

      It makes my head hurt thinking about it!

  2. photojester says:

    You asked what it had to do with Father’s day…. well my brother is a Father now and although he has grown up a bit and would never treat his daughter thusly, he did on occasion rip the heads off my dolls. He is a grown up dad now but probably secretly would still like to rip heads off dolls. Maybe this display should be entitled…nostalgia! 🙂

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