Mix and Match wk2 – Falun Gong Day

This group of Falun Gong pratitioners were celebrating World Falun Gong day on Friday outside city hall. While respecting them, I noticed a certain “where’s Waldo” quality to the scene in addition to the mix of eastern and western cultures.

A few minutes after this photo, I met one of the followers and had a nice conversation with him. At one point he revealed that he had spent 3 years in a Chinese prison for refusing to renounce his beliefs. It was an interesting lunch hour and I reflected how fortunate we are to experience the degree of tolerance we do in much of the western world, despite the issues that remain.


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2 Responses to Mix and Match wk2 – Falun Gong Day

  1. photojester says:

    Arms reaching to the sky, reverently. Feet plunging into the earth, reverently. Being respectful externally and quiet internally. Very moving, loving the color. Didn’t know that Waldo was so in-tune… another lovely photo TreesandRocksandLakes.

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