Mix and match #2

I can't come up with a reason for taking this picture, but I'm glad I did.

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3 Responses to Mix and match #2

  1. photojester says:

    Looking at this photo I find myself missing fall and summer hasn’t even begun… nicely done gafrensy!

  2. gafrensy says:

    This is actually a shot that I took in my new back yard today. We assume that the tree is a Japanese Maple. But, what do we know. I think that the leaves have been ready to bud for so long that with the warm weather yesterday they injured themselves trying to get to the ever elusive sun.

  3. Janet says:

    Anything at all by Patricia McConnell, Suzanne Clothier, Pat Miller or Ian Dunbar would be an excellent choice. Brenda Aloff’s book “Get Connected With your Dog” would improve anyone’s relationship with their dog. “Purely Positive Training” by Sheila Booth is also a great boTk7ohere&#821.;s many out there, some of them are for specific problems – way too many to mention.

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