Mix and Match Wk1 – They Grow on Trees?

Some keep them in a dresser drawer…

Some don’t.

A mix and match of styles and colours;  and a mix of context.

It was May Day, but still cold!

Two more weekends till end of season.


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4 Responses to Mix and Match Wk1 – They Grow on Trees?

  1. photojester says:

    This is perfect, love the angle love the content.
    We don’t have any bra trees here in Southern Idaho… maybe it just gets too warm here.

    • TreesandRocksandLakes says:

      I hear that Victoria’s Secret is investing heavily in forestry research. The Larch tree in particular is showing promise.
      In northern climates, the cold seems to have enhanced genes related to padding which seems to have piqued the interest of the bra scientists at VS. 😉

  2. smceuen says:

    These must be picked quickly…when they overripen, it’s just a bad, bad thing.

  3. I find it an interesting human response to throw clothing into trees.

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