mix and match wk 1

“berry” excited for summer!

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7 Responses to mix and match wk 1

  1. gafrensy says:

    Made me salivate all over my keyboard. Now whatever I have for breakfast will seem mundane. Very sharp with good depth of field.

  2. crazywomyn says:

    Thanks. I had been thinking about this shot all week and was pleased with the results.

  3. cldstar says:

    Love the balance in this one– both in color and in composition. Very nice!

    (and it has me salivating too)

  4. Kimberly Madsen says:

    No kidding! Oh for summer, berry days. I can imagine the mix of tart and sweet flavors. This photo is perfect.

  5. cldstar says:

    May I use this as the wallpaper on my computer desktop?

  6. theMADwomyn says:

    I would be honored! Thank you for inviting me to the blog, I have finally “picked up my camera” after a year of having no interest and this blog is so inspiring! You are welcome to come look at more of my pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/penguinchickenphotography/.
    I look forward to more of yours!

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