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Mix and Match 4 – Window Display

A surreal scene in a store window. Unsure about what these have to do with Father’s Day. Even less sure about the headless child  – perhaps wandered too close to the propeller? OMG – is that Amanda, distraught over her … Continue reading

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mix and match (for whatever week we are on)

So, to me, this photo does not really show mix and match, but… I live in the city, and am house sitting for my brother in the country, it is nice for me to mix up my surroundings once in … Continue reading

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MnM 4

To me this doesn’t look like Idaho. But it is.

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The police suspect little Amanda of lying after she turned in a missing pig police report.  They have asked her to pick the pig out in an official line-up.  Poor little Amanda.  (seriously, I don’t know what is wrong with … Continue reading

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Mix and Match week 3 – Little Pink Gophers

… with apologies to John Cougar Mellancamp for the title on the plaza by city hall…

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Mix & Match #3

I found this little baby crawling around our garden. He didn’t seem too afraid of me, but his antennae were retracted, so maybe that is a sign of fear.

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Mix & Match week 3

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