L&F Wk3 – The Big Melt

Now that spring is shrinking the snow, the angel in the back yard is found again. Not technically lost, nevertheless it has been out of sight for most of the winter. The winter’s snow is on its way to becoming lost for another summer yet the melt reveals things that are found again. A wonderful time of year.


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2 Responses to L&F Wk3 – The Big Melt

  1. gafrensy says:

    What a triumphant statue. It’s like it’s rising up out of its encasement of snow to finally embrace spring. Hopefully, the fact that she can see her shadow will have no impact on the next 6 wks.

  2. TreesandRocksandLakes says:

    Thanks! Rise up describes it exactly. Hadn’t thought about the groundhog aspect but I hope it doesn’t apply, though it has been longer than 6 weeks since February.

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