L & F wk2 – Completely Lost

Lost and Found on the Great Divide

This tree is in an area I continue to photograph as the light is always changing. Last Sunday, I ducked under the boundary rope while skiing to take a few more photos, this time with the Holga as well as digital. The Continental Divide runs right through this area, and I think I am on the west side of the divide, so the snow when it melts will enter the sea at Portland.
It was only afterward that I made the Lost and Found connection. Years ago, we rescued two adolescents very near to this area. They became disoriented during a blinding blizzard, and accidentally crossed the boundary rope. Realizing how badly lost they were, they dug a snow cave in a clump of trees for shelter. Most times I pass this area, I reflect on how lucky we were to find them that night as the heavy snowfall had almost completely obscured their tracks.

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One Response to L & F wk2 – Completely Lost

  1. Joy Pruitt says:

    You do fantastic work, very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your gift!

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