Lost and Found, literally

Lost and Found, Literally

I really wanted to be creative but I am unable to be right now, life as it is… so here is the contents of the Lost and Found drawer in my office.  The Bible belongs to Gideon but I can’t find him.

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5 Responses to Lost and Found, literally

  1. smadsen says:

    Random gloves…I think I saw the Gideon New Testament floating around from table to table the other day.

  2. TreesandRocksandLakes says:

    That is creative! The most obvious interpretation of the theme, and yet no one else touched it. Thanks, PhotoJester.
    The comment about Gideon invites the viewer to imagine the stories behind the other items. A CSI style DNA analysis of the hair brush should reveal something about its former owner. Trace radioactive elements suggesting a recent trip to Japan…..Gloves used in a drive-by snowball fight that went terribly wrong….

    This photo reminds me of a job I had where there was a L&F drawer. Each item a wonder, how did it get there, what was the story behind it?

  3. smceuen says:

    I have been looking and looking for that salt shaker! Oh, I am so glad you found it! It holds sentimental value for me, you know…

  4. photojester says:

    Well smceuen you will be very very upset to know that someone has put pepper in your salt shaker. I hope you do not feel too violated!

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