L&F Wk1 Connected/Disconnected


I was struggling to make a photo that illustrated a concept like lost (or found). Then, an overnight 9″ snowfall made cycling dangerous and riding the bus, it struck me how many on the bus were totally oblivious to the person sitting right next to them. Not talking to each other, no interaction. Surreptitiously, I took this series of photos.

There were 11 people within 8 feet of where I was sitting, and 9 of them were completely engaged with their phone. One was using 2 phones at the same time! I am not sure whether we have lost our ability to engage with another person on a personal level or found a new form of communication to someone more remote.  Probably a bit of both.


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6 Responses to L&F Wk1 Connected/Disconnected

  1. Joy Pruitt says:

    What a great observation. I totally agree with you and confess I should put that thing down more often and engage. Thanks for the keen eye and sharing it with us.

  2. smadsen says:

    Love how the yellow continues from one frame to the next – great connection for the viewer.

  3. photojester says:

    Funny how even after reading the title of the photo I still took it in a different way, connected/disconnected to me was all about space. ha! I love seeing photos from different places. My very first thought coming from small town Idaho is what is lost here is personal space. Growing up here we all have such a large personal bubble that we don’t want people sitting in.

    When I lived in Mexico City I learned to live without my space, I am glad I have found it and all of my space is back!!!.

    • TreesandRocksandLakes says:

      Thanks for the comment. I hadn’t thought of it that way until you mentioned it but now I see the personal space perspective! And now that I do, maybe burying their heads in their smart phones is a way of creating a larger, virtual bubble around themselves.

  4. smceuen says:

    Nice tetraptych! I like the movement of the four photographs and how they work together.

    Is that an acordian bus, by chance?

  5. cldstar says:

    I love the movement from frame to frame. Quite arresting. The facial expressions are great too. Nice work.

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