Lost…and found?

A little known saying…

If it’s not attached, it will wind up on somebody’s antenna.


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Teacher. Writer. Mother. Engaged citizen. English PhD student interested in narrative theory and environmental humanities. In the moment, eyes open.
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4 Responses to Lost…and found?

  1. smadsen says:

    …and with some frequency her head just pops right off.

    The snow looks good.

  2. photojester says:

    Just a little FYI commentary, this Barbies name is Kira she was born in 1990 same year as my daughter. She was the only Barbie at the time that had features like my daughter, black hair, almond eyes, tan skin. She was from the pacific island but we pretended she was latina. Poor Kira lost her head, it is good to see that her hair grew back after a 1994 tragic haircut.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. photojester says:

    I just keep coming back to look at this photo. I just really love it.

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