Orphan Block

I’m just a little orphan block

With no parents and no home.

I need someone to love me.

And treat me as their own.

I could be a pocket

On the outside of your bag.

You could put your phone inside,

Or possibly your mag.

I could be a coaster

With a border, if you’re able.

You could put your drink on me,

And decorate your table.

I could be a hot pad

Hanging in your kitchen,

You could reach for me,

And I could save your chicken.

Please take me home,

Make me your own.

Thank you DSQ

—Karen Carnow


About joypruittphotography

I'm a Texas transplant now living in Idaho. I have a custom photography business and am available for freelance work.
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2 Responses to Orphan

  1. smceuen says:

    Beautiful shot! The poem is a nice touch.

  2. cldstar says:

    The rich blacks and the pearly whites in this shot are very pleasing.

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