itch too oh

I hope you’ll forgive me for carrying over March’s theme into April. My very first impulse with the “Basic Needs” theme was to do something with water, but I couldn’t find a good water shot that I liked. Perhaps that shot was “lost” and now it is found. 🙂

In any case, the image of these three water glasses on a banquet table this past week was so delicious to me that I had to share it.

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8 Responses to itch too oh

  1. Kimberly Madsen says:

    Love this photo cldstar!

  2. smceuen says:

    A robust shot, indeed!

  3. Joy Pruitt says:

    Very nice capture. Lighting really defines the lines and composure is very pleasing.

  4. smadsen says:

    Very film noir – nice!

  5. gafrensy says:

    You certainly covered the entire grey scale. Those glasses exude cold. Good shot.

  6. cldstar says:

    gafrensy’s comment brings to mind a question that I’d like to ask the group. . .

    What kind of contrast and tonal range do you like in a photograph, especially B&W? I have my own predilections that I think I learned in high school (and which are probably obvious in this shot), but I’d like to hear what others think?

    And thanks for all the cool feedback, too, everyone.

  7. TreesandRocksandLakes says:

    I have changed my opionion about tone over time and am now clearly on the fence! I like variety. I find some photos work well with a full tonal scale (this one) and others are better contrasty. I think tone is another “tool” to be used to create an image. Like all compositional tools, the creative choices made all contribute to what you want to say with the image.
    The choices you made in this photo create visual movement for me, the eye enjoying a visual wander through the room.

    • cldstar says:

      Thanks for the note about contrast, etc. I’m intrigued by what you say about visual movement. I was actually feeling like this shot was too “busy.” Your comment helps me see it in a new light (sorry, bad pun).

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