Lost and Found Wk 1


At first I had a very hard time thinking of something for this topic.  Then it came to me.  What do I lose, and find, more then anything else.  My keys.

Luckily for me,  I have found them every time, except once, when they fell out of my coat pocket while I was snowboarding.  Thankfully my uncle was working on ski patrol that night so I had a way to get home.

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5 Responses to Lost and Found Wk 1

  1. cldstar says:

    I find this image so compelling. I see spring, summer, loss, earthiness, and relief. Very nice!

  2. smceuen says:

    Really dig the perspective here.

  3. smadsen says:

    Wonderful depth of field.

  4. gafrensy says:

    I followed the photo down from the top not seeing the whole picture at any one time. It was like being lost and then bingo. I almost fell out of my seat. If “lost and found” had a dictionary entry this could be the illustration.

  5. Doc says:

    Glad you2&8#17;re on the mendMy dad had some sort of surgery on his aeorta this summer after a heart attack. I’m less than close to him, but did see him in the hospital after his surgery and all I can say is I never ever want to go through heart surgeryLots of love and feel better soon.

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