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LnF W4

Easter is the perfect holiday to demonstrate Lost and Found. Ok, maybe hide and seek.

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L&F Wk3 – The Big Melt

Now that spring is shrinking the snow, the angel in the back yard is found again. Not technically lost, nevertheless it has been out of sight for most of the winter. The winter’s snow is on its way to becoming … Continue reading

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Lost and Found Wk 3 and 4

I admit that these photos dont really have anything to do with lost and found, but… Last week I lost my motivation, and I lost my desire to go outside (the weather was not favorable) and lost insight for anything … Continue reading

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L&F 3 – Stella

Stella was once a lost little kitten and was found by a nice family. She has many names – Stellular Phone, Stellie Bellie, Stella Bomb, Slipper. Stella plays fetch. She has really long whiskers that tickle.

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Lost in translation

Here’s one from our spring break trip to Southern California. We didn’t want to pay $8.50 each for rain ponchos in Disneyland, so we found a dollar store. In addition to the cheap ponchos, we found this treasure. What do … Continue reading

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lost and found 3

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Lost and Found, Finisimo

The Tooth Fairy?  An age-discriminating bitch.

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