BN 4.5 People Gotta Move

My bike.   My transportation for the daily commute to work .  Indirectly, a means to fulfill the basic needs of food and shelter.

But my bike helps with a whole other level of need fulfillment. I could get to work by city bus or car but I choose to cycle. Cars and buses alienate us, insulating us from our environment and other people.  With the bike, I am out there, seeing and feeling and hearing the rhythm of the seasons, fully engaged, connected.   I look forward to the ride, even on those dark, cold mornings.

Ultimately, for me it fills that human need to move. We are suited to physical activity and sedentary behaviour is counter to our nature. As I get older, I notice it gets harder and harder to get up and going after a period of inactivity. It is far easier to just not stop. So I will ride for as long as I can because riding keeps me moving.  And out where there are photo opportunities.

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1 Response to BN 4.5 People Gotta Move

  1. smceuen says:

    TreesandRockandLakes, welcome to Dektol Jitterbug!
    I like the perspective of this and being able to view the surrounding environment in which you ride.

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