Basic Needs 2

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the second most important need is SAFETY, to be protected from harm.


About joypruittphotography

I'm a Texas transplant now living in Idaho. I have a custom photography business and am available for freelance work.
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3 Responses to Basic Needs 2

  1. smceuen says:

    Thinking of Maslow’s hierarchy has me looking at the world a bit differently these days…thank you for that.

  2. Love the rich color! I don’t know much about photography, digital or otherwise. But I’ve wondered if you are using a digital camera with special lenses or filters? The colors are so intense on this photo. Great!

  3. in medias res, Thank you for your kind words. I confess this is totally set up. The idea kind of danced around a few days before I actually did it, but the main thing is the light is a flash (to the side) with a yellow gel. I do shoot digital. I’m at a total lost with film! (sssh! did I say that out loud?).

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