basic needs, 1

Saying nothing... sometimes says the most. Emily Dickinson

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6 Responses to basic needs, 1

  1. smceuen says:

    There is something special about old typewriter keys. I love this image.

  2. masterbias says:

    Is this a working typewriter that you utilize in your artwork?

    • smadsen says:

      No, this has a stuck letter “w” so I cannot use it well. I have another oldie that I use for my artwork – it has a ribbon on it as old as the machine. My son, on the other hand, thinks this is an awesome piece of equipment and uses it for his “homework”.

  3. cldstar says:

    My forearms feel tired just looking at those keys. 😉

  4. I’m with smcuen. Classic image! Made perfect by the B & W.

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