Basic Needs 1

Physiological Needs

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the top most needs are biological needs. They would be food, water, oxygen and constant body temperature. They are the strongest of needs because if a person were deprived of all needs, the physiological ones would come first in the person’s search for satisfaction.…maslow.htm


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I'm a Texas transplant now living in Idaho. I have a custom photography business and am available for freelance work.
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6 Responses to Basic Needs 1

  1. I added the credit because I don’t want to fool anyone that I thought that up myself. 😀

  2. cldstar says:

    Maslow is a good reference for this month’s assignment. Well done.

    The photo itself is wonderful. I like the framing and vignetting.

    Nice work!

  3. gafrensy says:

    I showed this photo to Max, my 9 yr. old Beagle. We both thought it was a great photo and he could think of no better representation of his basic needs. He gave it four woofs.

  4. Please give a hug and an ear scratch to Max for his keen assessment! I would venture to say that Sunshine thinks rather highly of the sustenance that appears in her bowl.

  5. smceuen says:

    I can feel the texture of the ears…

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