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Neighborhood, wk 3

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Another alternate

I guess I’m not in my “real” neighborhood much. Like my first posting, this picture is from “another” neighborhood that I belong to. A member of my church died this week and the members of the congregation will provide a … Continue reading

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Neighborhoods wk. 3

Old water valve.

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Moonrise in my neighborhood

Photo was taken with my Droid

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Neighbor’s Dog

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neighborhood, wk 2

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wk 2

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My alarm clock passes each day at 6:55, delivering coffee that apparently, doesn’t suck. The truck even says so.

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W3 Neighborhood

I would hope that if you were passing by our house in our neighborhood, you would see and hear the following scene. This is my son Coby practicing the piano from outside our home.

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Neighborhood / week 2.714

Where is this poor little leaf trying to go? What is s/he running from? Where is s/he going?

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