Working for a living

I drove past this man as he was garbage-can and dumpster-diving in the alleyways about a mile from my street.

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5 Responses to Working for a living

  1. photojester says:

    I used to take all of the cans from the maintenance department and tie them up in a bag and hang them over the edge of the garbage can over by the baseball field for this guy. Since CSI started their own recycling program I am no longer able to do that. He is a nice guy; I assume that because of the recession his business has been hit as well. I know my garbage is not as good as it used to be! Sad…..
    Good for you for taking this picture, I love it. Helps me to remember that I am blessed.

  2. masterbias says:

    Like it.

    I have some questions. Did you have a dialogue with your subject? Did you engage him in conversation before or after this photo? Was he receptive to having his photo taken? I am interested in your process. Approaching people is always tricky business for me.

    • Good questions, masterbias. I did have a dialogue with him, though not at first. I was driving down the street and saw him walking on the other side of the rode, going in the opposite direction. I turned around, pulled into a parking lot, and tried to snap a couple of photos from a distance with my phone/camera. But then I realized they weren’t taking because I was getting a message that I needed to initial my SD card. I reinserted the card, and then caught up with the gentleman. This time, I pulled up more closely and asked his permission to take his photo. He was happy to oblige.

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