Week 3


My church neighborhood

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5 Responses to Week 3

  1. gafrensy says:

    I’ve sat in that same seat before. At least that’s how it seems. A time for best behavior. Thanks for stiring up that memory.

  2. smceuen says:

    This picture makes me want to doodle with a short little pencil and ravage my purse for goldfish crackers.

  3. photojester says:

    What I love about both of your comments is knowing that I am supposed to be sitting up and being a good girl and before the days of the smart phone I was also rumaging through a bag for a snack or a crayon or something, my mother sitting close by ready to reach out and pinch me or give me the scary momma look. I am now 38 years old and it is my 20 year old daughter that is trying to get me to sit up and fly right leaning over and telling me that I have A.D.D.

    This photo is from yesterday but it is a view straight from my past. The people pictured here on this row are the same ones I have sat by since my birth. I thought they were old then. ha

  4. cldstar says:

    Wonderful. Everything about this picture makes a moment.

  5. masterbias says:

    Ha.. great shot. Love the associated comments and story.

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