Another alternate

I guess I’m not in my “real” neighborhood much. Like my first posting, this picture is from “another” neighborhood that I belong to.

A member of my church died this week and the members of the congregation will provide a meal for the family after today’s funeral. We set up the chairs and things last night.

Now add funeral potatoes, jell-o salad, and 150 family members and you will have a Mormon funeral dinner.

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4 Responses to Another alternate

  1. Funeral potatoes – makes me wish my mom would come visit and cook dinner tonight.

  2. Community (and the neighborhood) can be so comforting.

  3. photojester says:

    I am sorry for the occasion but this picture gave me great memories of growing up with LDS friends. Countless volleyball games and gatherings with funeral potatoes. I miss those friends, those volleyball games but mostly I miss those potatoes 🙂 nice photo to remind us of those important things.

  4. smceuen says:

    Such efficient use of space! The gleaming basketball court breaking up those crisp table linens is a reminder that energetic and lively competitions also take place here.

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