Moonrise in my neighborhood

Photo was taken with my Droid

Moonrise above my neighborhood.

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3 Responses to Moonrise in my neighborhood

  1. smceuen says:

    I caught part of it that night, too. It was beautiful!

  2. I was bummed that my phone’s camera could zoom better to get the photo. It just didn’t do justice to the immensity of the moon as it rose above the eastern skyline. I was wishing in that moment that I had cldstar’s camera & lens. Of course, if I had, I’d likely have missed the whole moonrise as I’d still be fidgeting with the exposure, zoom, and all that technical stuff.

    This project makes me want to keep taking pix with a real camera.

  3. gafrensy says:

    You might try cropping the shot to make the moon more prominent. It’s a great shot. The car right in front of the moon can kind of keep everything in perspective. I have a droid X and I think it processes about 6 mega pixels so the resolution will probably hold for a tighter crop. It has a nice feel.

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