Neighbor’s Dog


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4 Responses to Neighbor’s Dog

  1. cldstar says:

    Rich, beautiful color. Who says winter can’t be beautiful?

    BTW, is that dog a barker? That looks like a bark collar.

  2. masterbias says:

    Yeah, he barks. He has a beautiful rich baritone bark. He should join the opera:

    That collar keeps him within a certain perimeter of his house. There are no fences allowed in my neighborhood. A few years ago some dogs were poisoned and shot and so now people take more care to keep their dogs on their own property.

  3. cldstar says:

    Ah. Very cool. Is that what they call an electronic fence, or something? Maybe that’s what we need at our house. Our little puppy is starting to get interested in what’s on the other side of our porous fence.

  4. masterbias says:

    Yeah. The collar shocks the dog if it gets too close to the perimeter. Actually, it gives a warning beep so the dog doesn’t have to get shocked (if you set it up that way). There are different settings and different intensities depending on the size of the dog. I buried two wires around the perimeter but have later had them both get cut due to some careless of mine. After that I went to a wireless system which sends out a signal (roughly a circle) and then dog gets shocked if they LEAVE the signal, instead of getting close to the wire. I don’t have any dogs anymore but I really like these electronic collar systems. If you used on a puppy, you would want to make sure the shock was low and that that the puppy was old enough to be agile. The shock can be pretty intense at full strength.

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