Neighborhoods / Week 2


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7 Responses to Neighborhoods / Week 2

  1. smceuen says:

    Dig the grittiness of this…looks like Detroit or something.

  2. Gritty and with that gold hue just before sunset.

  3. cldstar says:

    It’s funny that a couple of you used “gritty” to describe this. I can see it, but that wasn’t my first reaction. I first responded to the sheen on the car and even light on the window and the facades of the buildings.

    I love seeing these through others’ eyes.

  4. masterbias says:

    Well, you know, smceuen and altered magpie probably grew up on the privileged side of the tracks. Anything downtown, despite how radiant, clean, and shiny, triggers neurons in the the “gritty” section of their brain, right above the basal ganglia and right below the parsley.

    This was another drive by shooting. The light captured my interest. Thanks for the comments.

  5. photojester says:

    This photo brought to mind so many memories, yes I drive by it all of the time and still catch the occasional flick in it but I don’t often see it. This photo brought to mind a cute little freckled faced 2nd grader who swore infront of her class that not only did I know that Lincoln got killed, I had been to the theatre where it happened. (I swear it happened at the Orpheum. (Turns out I was wrong) hmmmm. Thanks for the memories.

  6. masterbias says:

    That’s a GREAT story!

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