Neighborhood/Week 1


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Teacher. Writer. Mother. Engaged citizen. English PhD student interested in narrative theory and environmental humanities. In the moment, eyes open.
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8 Responses to Neighborhood/Week 1

  1. great perspective, reminds me of a steeple

  2. masterbias says:

    I like the dark opening in the cloud cover and how that darkness plays off the darkness on the one half of the chimney. Engaging!

  3. cldstar says:


  4. smceuen says:

    Yes…a panoramic pinhole. Shot the original print with a digital.

  5. The chimney looks perfect!

    Great photo too!

  6. cldstar says:

    Now wait… what? Shot the original with digital and then pinehole panoramic? I’m missing something.

    Explain … please.

  7. photojester says:

    Mesmerizing angle with attention-grabbing detail. I love it. Has just the right highs and lows.

  8. smceuen says:

    The print you see here is a digital representation of a pinhole print from the darkroom. Used a homemade panoramic pinhole camera to take the photo–pointed up and hoped for the best.

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