I'm spending the weekend writing, but wishing I was outdoors.

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  1. masterbias says:

    What are you writing?

    • kim says:

      Writing a creative non-fiction piece for my Creative Writing Seminar. Just finished. Until it gets reviewed, that is.

    • I replied, but don’t think it’s showing up as I wasn’t logged in as theshortsojourn.

      I spent the weekend writing (finishing actually) an 11-page creative non-fiction piece for a Creative Writing Seminar.

      Writing is such a painful process. I’m glad for these photo assignments. 🙂

  2. photojester says:

    This reminds me a lot of a photo that Russ Hepworth had up on the wall in the lab for years. I really like the angle in which you chose to shoot it, your paper is finished, go outside and play!

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