The Weekly Photography Project

Taking photographs is fun.  Sharing them is even better.  Sticking with one theme a month, upload one photograph a week that somehow represents that theme.

One theme a month.

One photograph a week.

12 x4 = 48 photographs.

You in?

If so, click on February’s Assignment and start shooting and posting!

About smceuen

Teacher. Writer. Mother. Engaged citizen. English PhD student interested in narrative theory and environmental humanities. In the moment, eyes open.
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2 Responses to The Weekly Photography Project

  1. Cindy Flowers says:

    I am in! Thank you for doing this… nothing like a little motivation to spur on creativity and pull me out of the rut.. So looking forward to all the photo inspiration through viewing and sharing.

  2. This is among the best things I have put thought into today. I am so very looking forward to seeing the world through everyone’s lenses.

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