Gordie Turns 7

Gordie on a good day

This week is Gordie’s 7th birthday.

Bittersweet because he is not likely to see eight.

He has had chronic renal failure (kidney disease) for over 2 years which is 20 months more than the vet thought he had. Daily treatment kept him stable for 18 months but earlier this year things started to deteriorate. You never know how long anyone has but it is looking like he doesn’t have much longer.

I wish I could do more but at this point all I can do is love him, make him comfortable, and share a bit of his sweet nature with others.

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Last years leaf

I was out for a hike the other day and saw this.



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I took this a few weeks ago, I went north of the canyon to try to get some pictures of the sunset with the perrine bridge.  Then I turned to the north and saw this,  it turned out to be the best photo of the shoot.


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After the Storm


Clearing the Bike Path, Late Winter 2012

Just about done with the “its so cold here” posts for this year.  I promise!

Well, if spring ever arrives….

This was about 3 weeks ago. On the left is rush hour traffic headed downtown, on the right the river just beyond the trees, and the reliable snow clearing guys clearing the bike path in their old Willys Jeep.


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What’s in your bag?

Hello all,

Here’s a first (I think) for Jitterbugs… an all text post.

I was wasting some time at work this afternoon (shhh) and stumbled across this site. I guess its for finding the camera of your dreams or something, but I was more taken with the “What’s in your bag?” feature. Scroll down the main page and see if you are as fascinated with what photographers carry with them as I was. Some pretty cool stuff.


Anyone care to post what’s in your bag? I might just do it.

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Shopping shadow

Shopping shadow

I’m not sure I like this as much as I did when I took it. I suppose I’m posting partly to prove that I’m not dead.

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River Ice

River Ice, Leapyear's Day 2009

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